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Rusty Clevenger Coroner


Spartanburg Coroner defends record at candidates’ forum

Spartanburg County Corner Rusty Clevenger defended his fiscal responsibility against challenger Scott Ramsey during a forum held Monday....Read More


Spartanburg Candidate Forum

Looking forward to the upcoming Candidate Forum at The Upstate Family Resource Center. Mark your calendars for this Thursday evening, May 12, 2016 at 6:30.                                         This forum is an amazing opportunity for all supporters to ...Read More


Investigator Rick Ellis, one of Spartanburg’s best gave a interview to a FOX News this past Wednesday regarding his investigative efforts to re-connect unidentified decedents with their families. Coroners Inv. Ellis volunteers his time and extensive expertise to ensure every benefit of scientific analysis, interviews and comparisons are completed. He has solved a 23 year old ...Read More